The First Hiking Backpack to Feature a Water Bladder Compartment and a Fully Insulated 24-Can Cooler 

Introducing the Beer Mountain AD25 Cooler Backpack - the ultimate companion for the outdoor loving beer enthusiast. With its innovative design, this premium day pack is perfect for keeping you hydrated and your brews cold on any adventure.  

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Built For Adventure

Insulated 24-Can Cooler

Universal Water Bladder Compartment




The AD25 was created for those who know there is nothing better than an ice cold beer in the great outdoors. From the highest peaks to lounging at the beach, the Beer Mountain AD25 was designed to be the most convenient and functional way for you to travel with your favorite beverage.


Ergonomic Design For Effortless Carrying

Guaranteed to be the most comfortable day pack you have ever worn! Rated at up to 50lbs comfort carrying capacity, the Beer Mountain AD25 makes it feel effortless to reach any summit, no matter how much you are hauling.

Have a Cold Beer on Ice, Whenever, Wherever

The AD25 boasts a 24-can cooler, which is constructed with a premium food-grade antimicrobial PVC liner. Heat sealing technology ensures that the bag is 100% leak-proof up to the zipper line. Additionally, the bag is insulated with three different layers, including an 8mm ultralight high-density EPE foam, which works to keep the cold in and repel heat away.

Live the Beer Mountain Life 

Fill Up Your Hydration

The water bladder compartment can fit any size bladder up to 3L, making it perfect for hands free hydration while on the go.

Bring Some Tasty Beverages

The insulated cooler can hold up to 24 12-ounce cans, and can keep them cold up to 16 hours.

Head Out on Your Adventure

From hikes, to beach trips, golf outings, backyard BBQs and more, the AD25 makes it easy and convenient to bring beverages with you wherever you go.

Be the Envy (And Hero) of All Your Hiking Buddies

Created for those who like to bring the FUN to a healthy active lifestyle. Elevate your next outdoor adventure by surprising your crew with an ice cold beverage when they least expect it. You will be sure to turn some heads!

Premium Materials for Lasting Durability

Designed from top to bottom using only the highest end materials and features. From its rugged 600D textured dobby construction to its heat-sealed waterproof PVC liner, the AD25 is sure to provide you with lasting enjoyment on endless excursions.

Ample Storage Means You Can Bring More, Worry Less

With 10 total zippered and open air storage pockets, you can pack everything you need and more. No more cramming your gear in a limited space daypack! All in a pack that still only weighs approximately 2 lbs

Because You've Earned It!

At Beer Mountain, we aim to inspire people to be active and enjoy the outdoors with our “Earned It” lifestyle. So we created a product that would both enable people to engage in their favorite hobbies and celebrate their accomplishments by allowing them to cheers to “earning it” at the end. Afterall, balance is key! So lace up your shoes, hit the trails, and enjoy a well deserved beer- you’ve Earned It! 

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